Double hip dysplasia

Double hip dysplasia personal stories

Double hip dysplasia

I was born with a double hip dysplasia. My mother always felt that something was wrong. I could never walk independently, I always tried but never succeeded. One day a friend of my parents came with a self-made walker, it helped me walk but I did not walk like I was supposed to. My mother has been to many doctors but always without result. As a child I was pretty slim so the doctors only indicated that I should not be too thin. When I was 3 years old we finally found that I have a double hip dysplasia.

A hip dysplasia means the hip is not formed well. In my case, I have very bad hip bowls. I was urgently referred to a doctor who specializes in hip dysplasia. It turned out that I have a very severe form of hip dysplasia and that I had to be operated right away. Because I did not had enough bone. I needed a donor bone. I received the donor bone at a age of 3. The hips were operated alternately, this happened at an age of 3 – 4 years. After the operation I walked with a toddle, but me and my parents were very happy that I could finally walk without auxiliary.

Extreme pain

Up to the age of eleven, it all went well but after that I started to feel extreme pain again. Because they figured out that I have a double hip dysplasia so late, my hip bowls are worn out. At the age of eleven my hips were compared with the hips of an 80 year old woman. I had to be operated urgently. Everything went well during the operation of my right hip, but it turned out that the head of my tight  bone had been deceased in the operation of my left hip.

Up to the age of 12 everything went well, but at one point my left hip started hurting again. I could barely walk. I had to be operated again urgently. A nerve was affected during this operation. Which gave me a foot drop(paralysis). I suffer from this ever since . I cannot feel anything in my foot and in a part of my lower leg, because of this I often go through my knee. For this reason I also wear a brace.

The rehabilitation lasted  for 2 years. I went to physiotherapy 3 times a week and was in a wheelchair for 1.5 years and then I started walking with crutches. I was very dependent on my mother and I felt really awful about this. It is beyond your control you cannot do anything.


Despite this hospital visits and rehabilitation, I also went to school. My high school time was less fun. I was often bullied. I felt like no one understood. They often called me a penguin, to this day I still do not like hearing that word. The teachers did understand my situation, for example, I could stop school a month earlier so that I could be operated on. but they did not do anything about the bullying, now I have to say that I never showed how much it hurt me, I always wanted to stay strong. But as soon as I returned from school I was in so much pain that I always came home crying. At school I also started at too low a level but I could not do a higher level because the teachers and my parents were afraid it would all be too much.

Once I went to a high school the bullying stopped and the students had a better understanding of my situation. At that moment I found it really intense, but afterwards I had peace with it and I could understand it a little bit. Sometimes I did not understand myself what was going on, so how could they understand that. But the teasing situation never remains fun.


There has been a time when I wasn’t able to deal with situation. Especially  the time when I could no longer move my foot. It felt like I had 20 kilos hanging on me. There was surgery possible that they could put my muscles around so that I might feel my foot again. This operation could only be carried out on my 18th. This time was very uncertain for me, because there is never certainty that there will be a feeling in my foot again. I still my foot ever since.



At the moment I am doing well, I wear a brace and I do not suffer from my hips. I will always walk with a toddle, but that is something I have accepted. I have a nice job (supervisor of mentally disabled people). Because I do quite heavy work, it is often assumed that my hip dysplasia can be a big burden. I can carry out my work without problems. Sure you run into something, but I always try to find a solution. Even though I have double hip dysplasia, I have only came out stronger.

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