Follow your dreams

Missing home

I was born in Israel, when I was 3 years old my parents moved back to Holland. In Holland I always felt  I was missing something. I always wanted to go back to Israel. When I was 10 my oldest brother went into the Israeli army. From that moment I got a very strong feeling I wanted to go into the Israeli army too. I started doing thing which had something to do with it. For example i did lots of sports including many martial arts and I did a security training.

Once I went to Israel for 7 weeks to volunteer for the army, to orientate a bit. That was the moment I realized I missed Israel very much. I feel more at home there because of the mentality of the people. In Holland there is individualism and in Israel there is collectivism. Collectivism in Israel appeals to me much more.


I was always very motivated to work out and train myself, but otherwise I’m pretty disorganized. My brother helped me enormously here.  When I decided I wanted to emigrate, I went into an Israeli program called Garin tsabar. This is a program what helps you integrate into the country and with all your rights as both a citizen and a soldier, and you learn a little bit of Hebrew. Once I emigrated I lived in a religious kibbutz, from here we did trips all over the country with the program from the most southern to the most northerly part of the country to learn something about the history and existence of the country.

After the nice time of going out and 4 months of fun we all went into the army, anyone who did not spoke Hebretraw went to a base where you only learned Hebrew and the course to security as a soldier. In this course I signed up for a test day specifically for the elite units. I also completed this test day. I managed to get the test week from a unit equal to the navy seals. It was the toughest day of my life.

The army

When I first got into the army I was glad that I finally got a uniform. I always wondered where I would end up, I had a uniform and only did courses. There was no clarity about what I would do exactly. I knew there was a heavy test week ahead, but to make this is never certain. Not at all if only 1% of the entire Israeli population is admitted.

I always wanted to be in a special unit so I participated in the test week. The test week is meant to see if you are good enough for the elite. In this test week 700 people participated, I passed the test week until the interviews. I went through the first interview, but did not pass the second one. The fact that I  did not make it made me sad, but I am proud that I had completed the whole week. The fun part of having to survive such a difficult test week means that the unit and those underneath are lying on a lower shelf.

That means that I have been allowed to become one of the heaviest units and among them. The only thing I needed to do was an interview. I was so relieved there was clarity of what I was going to do.  I am now  in palsar 7 they are the informants of the heavy artillery.

Focus on the dream

At the moment I am on holiday in the Netherlands and I have completed my training of a year with the last walk of 50 kilometres with a heavy backpack. Again a boundary shifted from what I never thought to shift. Now I can  take a course to become a sniper and commander. I would rather be a commander, but it looks like it will be sniper, because I have good endurance, I am a perseverance and my construction.

I am very satisfied with what I have achieved. Sometimes I felt like I could not handle it anymore, but because it was my dream I kept on going. I pushed my limits. You start thinking about home very often and start to miss it but it was never so bad that I had no motivation, I had my dream and this was my focus. And I knew that I would see back home.

What I miss the most about home the Dutch food and my family and  I miss that it is very organized in the Netherlands. It is very chaotic here, but on the other hand, I also like it.

My point is it does not matter what you do, even though everything seems so heavy when you want to achieve something you should not give up, never stop. There are so many people who have told me that I could not even emigrate. I succeeded and now I am in one of the heaviest special units and in the best-trained army in the world.

Prove no contrary to others, make your dreams come true for yourself and stay with it.

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