numerology the power behind numbers

What is numerology?

Numbers, most people don’t have special thoughts here. But numbers are more powerful than you think. Numerology uses numbers as the key to human behavior. On the basis of the numbers that are drawn up insights can be gained about your personality, talents, intelligence, spirituality and health. 
A number does not have one definite meaning. There is a light side but also a shadow side. You can encounter numbers anywhere. For example: the date of birth, telephone numbers, house numbers, and calendars. We assume that all these numbers have a symbolic function in addition to the material function and that they can therefore provide information. Numbers give as a hint in a certain direction.

using numerology

Numerology is used to get to know yourself better, to better understand the behaviour of others, to see whether or not a partner fits you and to present the future. For every job, every heart’s wish and every life goal can be calculated whether it goes well or not.

The most important numbers that occur in every human life are the numbers of the birth date and the letters of someone’s name. The letters are set up in a number value. Your birth number tells you something about your character and your skills and talents. What are you good at by nature? And what are your positive and negative characteristics? Your name number is derived from the full name you received at birth. This number gives you more insight into how you show yourself to the outside world and how you come across to others, for example as insecure or self-confident.

The numbers do not give absolute meaning they can influence each other. The numbers can be interpreted in different ways through different phases in life. When you grow to a different level, other aspects of the number will stand out. The new aspects are just as true as the old truths but viewed from a different point of view. So you will give a different translation to the numbers at different times in your life.

In the upcoming articles you will read more about the calculation of these numbers and the meanings behind these numbers.

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