Hey everyone! 😊

Welcome  to the staystuestaybeautiful page! I am Nicole Colita, 21 years old and a online marketing student.

I’ve been looking for myself more recently, being mindful, positive and the most important, being happy. I think it is important you believe in yourself, and accept yourself. That can be hard sometimes. I also think it is important that we value each other’s worth. For me everyone is equal.

That’s why there are several things to read on the staytruestaybeautiful page.

I write stories about people. The goal behind these stories is that I want to try to remove people’s judgment. We live in a modern era, yet many subjects are still seen as taboo or a certain image is created about people. They are put in ” boxes ”.

Here is a quote that always inspires me:  ” No one is better than you. No one is more valuable than you. We’re all human. No one is worth more respect and decency than you are. We are all EQUAL ”. But I also write to inspire and motivate you.

Staystuestaybeautiful also wants to express as much positivity as possible. To make the day a bit more cheerful or to give you a self-confidence boost! I will also share some things about mindfullness, numerology and the power of plants.

I love meeting new people and hearing new stories! So if you want to share your story, have questions, or want to know more about a certain subject. Don’t hesitate to let me know 😊